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mh-book compressed html files

I wrote:

> The mh-book package is mostly HTML files which I am compressing.
> The technical problem is that they have extension .htm and that
> neither lynx or netscape can find the links if they are
> compressed in .htm.gz files!  So the book doesn't work if it's
> compressed! 
> I see no other solution than to rename all .htm files to .html
> before compressing them, and to write a (Perl) script to replace
> all links in the HTML files such that they end with .html.

I wrote the script only to then realize that netscape and lynx
_cannot_ substitute compressed "file:/" URLs, but only "http://";
URLs (it's most probably the apache server doing it for them
transparently anyway).

Here are the options:

 1- Don't compress any of the mh-book package and it
    will be 5.6 MB in size instead of 3.5 MB or so.

 2- Put the compressed files accessible to the apache server.
    (No standard place for this, right?)

 3- Modify all HREF tags in all HTML files to point to
    <file>.html.gz instead of <file>.html

I'm thinking Option 3, only beacuse that would save 2 MB in the
package.  Opinions?


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