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Re: my mutt-ja should be non-international ?

Kikutani Makoto wrote:
> I remember there was a discussion about this(devel?).
> I live in the US. I'm making mutt-ja package(Mutt Japanese version).
> Maybe I can make it with mutt-0.95i soon.
> But I think mutt-0.95i is non-us because of its PGP support.
> I can make mutt-ja based on only non-international version ?
> makoto

The mutt-i no longer exists. No there is only mutt wich is in main. I've
put similar questions some time ago and this was the conclusion. This
decision was made as mutt doesn't have it's own pgp algorithm, but uses
the pgp package. The idea was that if mutt has to be in non-US for this
reason, then bash should also go there for the same reason :-)

So I suppose your mutt-ja can also be in main and it should include the
pgp support.

If I'm wrong, please correct me.


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