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Re: What to do?

>>>>> "Mitch" == Mitch Blevins <mblevin@debian.org> writes:

    Mitch> I believe that the technical term for what I've done is a
    Mitch> 'boo-boo'.  I blame it on raging stupidity on my part.  But
    Mitch> how can I fix it?

    Mitch> Here's the situation:

    Mitch> I uploaded gtksamba-0.1.4 -- no problem.  I uploaded
    Mitch> gtksamba-0.3.0 -- no problem.  I uploaded gtksamba-3.1 --
    Mitch> PROBLEM!

    Mitch> As you can see, I left out the '0.' on the front of the
    Mitch> revision.

This is what epochs were meant for. In your debian/changelog,
make the next revision 1:0.3.2 and all will be fine. You will
just need to make sure to use the 1: prefix from now on whenever
referring to the version, in Dependancies or whatnot.

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