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Re: /usr/X11R6/share?

On Sun, 24 Jan 1999, Mitch Blevins wrote:

> Only one package (lyx) on my machine makes use of /usr/X11R6/share.
> I do not find this directory mentioned in the fsstd, but it seems
> the logical place for architecture-independant data for X11 programs.
> Is using this directory specifically forbidden?
> Or is it okay for a program to be in /usr/X11R6/bin and its data to
> be in /usr/share/<packagename>/* 
> I plan on putting the gnome-apt resource files under /usr/X11R6/share
> unless somebody objects.

This is maybe a policy question.

I would put the stuff in /usr/share/<packagename>

None of the arguments for keep /usr/X11R6 apply to /usr/share.


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