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Re: help

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Moshe Tarko wrote:

> I'm a "newbie" and would like to have help installing Debian on win98
> system. I have an AMD-6 300 with 5 Gig HD which I am now going to wipe
> and leave 1 gig partitrion for Linux-Debian. I have 64 RAM. I hope to
> get the latest Debian release- which supposedly is about to come out
> soon- from a friend. I've read The Complete Linux by Tauber and Running
> Linux from O'Reilly and Associates, but I don't really know much about
> Unix. I would like to learn though. If someone could give me help and
> advice it would be apppreciated.

The place to go is the debian-user list.  debian-mentors is in fact for
debian developers to get help on development issues.

Your system spec sounds good, as does your choice of books!  I hope it
goes well,


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