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RE: Some new largish packages: please comment

On 14-Jan-99 Richard B. Kreckel wrote:
> I am about to build some packages of astronomical databases to be used
> with Elwood Downey's XEphem, packaged by Frank Jordan for slink. Since
> some of these databases are quite large I would like to hear what people
> think about a possible split-up. The packages will be part of non-free,
> the main reason being the fact that XEphem is in non-free (AFAIKT now, we
> could as well put most of them into free but this wouldn't make much sense
> since they are useless without XEphem).

Id say, package it and put it into a seperate directory.. either a "non-cd"
directory or a directory that could later become a "data set cd" file.  We've
got other large data sets that could be coming.. the coast line mentioned in a
different reply... the census info that Bruce is offering to us (that's 6 CD's
in whatever format it comes in alone).  It would be great to deb these
things... it would be good to beable to offer them (for downloads atleast).. it
would be nice to be able to CDize them for CD offerings... it would be bad to
put them on one of the "normal" cd's that comprise Debian and it's extra

Just my $.02
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