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Re: how do I create orig.tar.gz archive ?

Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:

> Peter is correct.  Just a small note: it is VERY important that the
> .orig.tar.gz IS the original tar.gz (the name doesn't matter);

Hmm, I note that the cvs-buildpackage package creates a new .orig.tar.gz
file.  If it were *that* important, surely this standard debian tool
would have a way to deal with the issue?

IMO, the advantages of having pristine upstream tarballs are *far*
outweighed by the advantages of CVS.  If it's really *that* important to
have pristine .orig.tar.gz's, perhaps a bug should be filed against

Note that 1) in many cases, using the pristine upstream tarballs is
either impossible or undesirable, and 2) you already have to trust the
developer to deliver a reliable *binary*, why get all paranoid about the
sources?  It doesn't take that long to do a diff -r against the source
trees if you're really curious.
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