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Re: Interesting delema (xfig, debhelper, and doc-base in frozen slink)

Jules Bean wrote:
> Now change the doc-base stuff to accord with the potato debhelper (Aside:
> it is *evil* to make incompatible changes in debhelper.  I hope that was a
> mistake by the debhelper maintainer ;)

This was not an incompatable change in debhelper, except for in the case
where someone happened to have a debian/doc-base file already, and had a
multi-binary package, and wanted that file to apply to a different binary
package than the one debhelper puts it in. I thought this case would be
vanishingly rare.

Another solution is to copy dh_installdocs from potato's debhelper to
debian/ and remove the hand-written doc-base stuff from debian/rules.
Presto, a package that will build on both slink and potato.

see shy jo

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