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Re: library packaging howto?

>>>>> "Josip" == Josip Rodin <joy@cibalia.gkvk.hr> writes:

    Ben> The short is:
    Ben> .so.1 and .so.1.0.0 go into libblah1 .so and .a and .h files
    Ben> go into libblah-dev (optional) debugging-enabled .a goes into
    Ben> libblah-dbg
    Ben> Your numbers may vary.

    Josip> I think I saw somewhere a library that did not have
    Josip> libblah.so as an actual file, but a symlink to
    Josip> libblah.1.0.0 (which was a file, of course :) Is it
    Josip> possible, and what to do then?

Ack! I'm sorry.

Only the .so.1.0.0 file will be an actual file.

The .so.1 and .so files *will* be symlinks.

    Josip> Also, libblah1 goes to libs section, and -dev and -dbg into
    Josip> devel section, right? If so, libfltk-dev is misplaced.
    Josip> FWIW I'd like -devs in libs section.

There isn't policy (unfortunately) but yes, that's the accepted

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