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Re: Some new largish packages: please comment

> To wrap things up, there are 5 options:
> a) 160M GSC  +  8.7M asteroids  +  4.3M PPM  +  4.1M others
> b) 160M GSC  +  8.7M asteroids  +  8.4M PPM and others        <-- nice
> c) 160M GSC  +  17.1M other catalogs
> d) 4.3M PPM  +  4.1M others
> e) 8.4M PPM and others
> of which I prefer the second. Please comment!

Wow.  That's big.  Back in September, John Lapeyre posted an
intent to package gmt (generic mapping tools).  I asked whether
we could also include the full-resolution coastline archive of 
57 Mb.  It would save me a big download to get it on the main CD!

On one hand, do we really want to fill-up CDs with datasets that
ordinary users won't use?

On the other hand, I could argue people like/need to make maps
and having a coastline files helps a lot of users.  If the
software you intend to package is user-friendly and not geared to
the scientist, perhaps the star database becomes more useful as

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