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Re: Lintian error: executable-in-usr-doc

On Tue, 19 Jan, 1999, tmancill wrote:
> I second this notion.  I wrote a script for the wanpipe package that
> checks to see if the kernel patches have been applied, and does this if
> needed.  It really doesn't belong in /usr/doc/$package/examples, but I put
> it there to get lintian to be quiet.  I don't think that it belongs
> anywhere else - I definitely don't want to clutter up /usr/sbin with it,
> and I don't think that it should be in /etc/wanpipe either.
> Comments?  Ideas?

chmod a-x ?

If it is a script people are going to use a lot as is, it should not be in
/usr/doc/$package, if it is not going to be used often or needs modification,
changes for the local system maybe, then it need not be executable, users can
copy it elsewhere and make it executable.

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