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Re: /etc/{passwd,services} entry for contrib/non-free packages

> > Also, notice we have users for apps like qmail (which is not free).
> That's a historical accident.  It was done back when DJB was promising
> qmail would be free.  IIRC, it hasn't been removed, because to do so
> would be problematic.  Or something.  It's not a precedent in any
> event.

But is it really wrong to have "hooks" for non-Debian software to be
installed on a Debian system?  I'm using non-Debian as a more general term
than non-free (maybe local packages, maybe too new to be in the archives,
etc).  I respect Debian's philosophy of making a free software
distribution, but I don't think we should go to any trouble making it more
difficult for users that want non-free software.  This isn't specifically
directed at this thread, I've just seen a distrubing trend on the lists
and felt like saying something about it.

Wow, you actually read to the bottom of my message,

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