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more questions on update-inetd and the like

Hi all, I am about ready w/ my oidentd package.  However I have two questions
which I think are linked.

oidentd needs command line options, so I can not use /etc/alternatives.  If I
use update-inetd to remove the identd from netbase and insert oidentd is there
some way to avoid doing this on future installs?

Right now there is only identd in Debian (that I am aware of).  However there
are plenty of identd servers which others may like to package.  So it seems
like having a virtual identd package for everyone to depend/conflict/suggest is
prolly a good idea.

Once I get this cleared up a release of oidentd 0.5 will be on its way.

BTW I like this author.  I asked him about a possible feature and to notify him
of his program being packaged and he sent back a thank you e-mail and released
a new version with the desired feature (which I had offered to code).

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