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Re: Some new largish packages: please comment

>>>>> "RBK" == Richard B Kreckel <kreckel@thep.physik.uni-mainz.de> writes:

    RBK> However, such a
    RBK> server is probably not very attractive to package since there
    RBK> are fast and reliable servers for such things on the net
    RBK> (like the above) and XEphem is the only program using it at
    RBK> present.

  Well - don't dismiss it out of hand. There are a lot of places in
the world where bandwidth is scarce, so it may well prove attractive
to someone. Of course, someone who is using it is probably the best
person to maintain it...

    RBK> Perfect! This eliminates my qualms about size and
    RBK> fitness.

  I was thinking about this the other day, when I was handed a 4 CD
set of meteorological data and asked to extract some datasets from
it. I almost suspect it would be best to not keep it in the standard
debian archives at all. With tools like apt, there's no problem with
keeping widely distributed debian archives with varied content. As
long as there's cearly documented links in obvious places describing
how and where to find the data, it shouldn't really matter. If you're
using the data, and you have the resources to make it externally
accessible, I would argue that that is the best way to do it.

    RBK>  However, such a deep change should probably not be
    RBK> discussed in debian-mentors. Which list would be most
    RBK> suitable for this?

  debian-devel, I guess. But if you choose to host the dataset
archives in places other than at the principal mirrors, then all you
need is a nod in blessing and a link from the web page.


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