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Re: dev and dbg packages

> From: Torsten Landschoff
> Really? Then I have to adjust my idea of -dbg library packages.
> I thought they only contain symbolic names for everything to allow
> you to trace where inside the lib your program crashes.

That was an heritage of proprietary libraries, where this was the _only_
debug you could do on it.
You obviously can use a -dbg package to do also this, but it is not limited
to this use.

> libc6-dbg does not have the library source. Could somebody enlight me a
> :-)

There were several discussions about this on debian-policy, and discussion
didn't came to a conclusion (so nothing was mandated, but nothing was
Later I hadn't time to restart it.

At that time libc was semi-orphaned and changed hands a couple of times.
Maybe the new maintainer ...

But anyway, the idea that I should grab the sources and rebuild a library is
not a good offer for a system that pretends to be mainly dedicated to
Having full functionality -dbg packages doesn't hurt those that wants simply
to trace their programs, while the contrary can hurt a lot.

I had a problem with man crashing on circular links (it should still be
there), and I had to buy a new disk to rebuild libc6 to run gdb on it and
find the exact line of code where the bug was.
I would have really appreciated a full functional -dbg package (maybe split
in two or more parts, because of the size) that would offer me instant


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