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Re: Lintian error: executable-in-usr-doc

Joey Hess wrote:
>Peter S Galbraith wrote:
>> Joey Hess wrote:
>> > Examples should go in /usr/doc/<package>examples/ . Lintian will not
>> > complain about executables in that directory.
>> Is that /usr/doc/<package>/examples/ or really
>> /usr/doc/<package>examples/ ?
>The latter.

The former!

frantica:/usr/doc$ ls -d *examples
ls: *examples: No such file or directory
frantica:/usr/doc$ ls -d */examples
[72 entries snipped]

Policy states:

6.6. Examples

     Any examples (configurations, source files, whatever), should be
     installed in a directory /usr/doc/<package>/examples'. These files
     should not be referenced by any program--they're there for the benefit
     of the system administrator and users, as documentation only.
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