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Re: Field size in ps

Raul Miller writes:
> > Only works if you're guaranteed that there's only one running instance
> > of the daemon.

John Hasler <john@dhh.gt.org> wrote:
> ???
> hasler/~ pidof xterm
> 30423 30422 30421 30420 30419
> hasler/~

xterm is not a daemon

> > I seem to recally either policy or the packaging manual recommending
> > against using pidof for start/stop scripts. 
> Can't find any mention of it.  Are you thinking of killall?


However, I was assuming that the pidfile is only relevant for determining
which process to kill (at which point it should be wiped out -- but that's
a detail we might be overlooking in some packages.).  [I suppose it could
be used as a loose check to see whether the daemon is still running,
but that suffers a similar problem.]

If there's no need for the pidfile to uniquely represent the daemon
process, then there's no need for the pidfile.


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