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Re: jed_0.98.7-13 problems

On Fri, Jan 01, 1999 at 08:51:39PM -0500, Kikutani Makoto wrote:
> I posted this to devel yesterday, but I chose a wrong place ?
Not really, but you should always write a mail to the maintainer, too !
(Luckily I've seen this one...)

> lintian jed_0.98.7-13.deb
> E: jed: depends-on-obsolete-package depends: ncurses3.4
oh. Hmm. A new upload is coming in an hour :-) 
Seems that I should upgrade my system a bit...

> It's strange because jed doesn't require ncurses.
The gpm mouse support from jed requires it.

> 2) build fails
> If ARCH is defined as "linux", Makefile of jed uses "src/linuxobjs"
> directory instead of "src/objs".
> I suggest using src/$(ARCH)objs/ in rules.
My system is
Linux lathspell.westend.com 2.0.35 #4 Mon Jul 20 18:58:02 CEST 1998 i586 unknown
and I never had any problems with building.
I've just examined the Makefiles. Do you have a environment variable called 
"ARCH" ? If so, it could really make some problems. Is this variable Debian standard ? 

Anyhow I fix it, so that you can compile without problems.
> makoto
read you,


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