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mh-book compressed html files, CGI search engine, postscript version

Hi again,

The mh-book package is mostly HTML files which I am compressing.
The technical problem is that they have extension .htm and that
neither lynx or netscape can find the links if they are
compressed in .htm.gz files!  So the book doesn't work if it's

I see no other solution than to rename all .htm files to .html
before compressing them, and to write a (Perl) script to replace
all links in the HTML files such that they end with .html.

Any better ideas?  Am I missing something?


The book has an CGI index search which will be off-site unless I
can write a quick script myself to include in the package (or in
a separate mh-book-search package that depends on a www server).
Does anyone have suggestions as to what to use to do this search?
I figure I'll probably just write a Perl script to do it.  Any
major security issues to consider?  Should I not do this because
I'm not an expert at it?


Also, someone has already asked that I bundle a postscript
version.  Since that's likely to be very big, I think I should
package it separately or simply include a script to create it
from the html files.

Does anyone know of an html-to-ps converter already packaged?
Jerry Peek uses a program called `html2ps' to do this.  I'll
package it if we have nothing of our own that's as good and if
the license is okay (but I haven't looked at it yet).

Thanks again everyone!

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