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Re: Version specific packages

On Wed, Jan 27, 1999 at 09:42:11AM -0500, Peter S Galbraith wrote:

> Sure.  Gri is a programming language in the same sense as
> gnuplot.

[ Out of curiosity, what exactly does gri do? ]

> But if the `replaces: gri-VERSION' line will confuse some Debian packaging
> scripts, then I will remove it and warn users in README.debian that there
> is no dpkg dependence protection if they install gri-VERSION (which will
> over-write files owned by the gri package).

Perhaps this helps:

	/usr/bin/gri -> /etc/alternatives/gri -> /usr/bin/gri-some-version
	/usr/bin/some-other-gri-bin -> /etc/alternatives/...

I guess I'm asking: does gri-version-a really NEED to replace gri (or the
other way arround)?

gri (<some-version>) should conflict with gri-<some-version>, like this:

Package: gri
Version: 3.14
Conflicts: gri-3.14

Package: gri-3.14
Version: 3.14
Provides: gri

Of course, gri-version can't satisfy "Depends: gri (>= version)" because we
don't have versioned provides.


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