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Re: how do I create orig.tar.gz archive ?

On Sat, Jan 30, 1999 at 10:58:51AM -0800, Chris Waters wrote:

> Hmm, I note that the cvs-buildpackage package creates a new .orig.tar.gz
> file.  If it were *that* important, surely this standard debian tool
> would have a way to deal with the issue?

cvs-buildpackage is anything but standard. Yes, it _is_ *that* important.
Yes, cvs-buildpackage copes with this...

       -R<root directory>
              Root  of the original sources archive. We expect to
              find the <package name>_<version>.orig.tar.gz  file
              under  <root directory>/package name>/  unless  the
              work directory has been set, or we want  to  export

> IMO, the advantages of having pristine upstream tarballs are *far*
> outweighed by the advantages of CVS.

CVS for maintaining the packages or CVS for checking out upstream sources?

> If it's really *that* important to have pristine .orig.tar.gz's, perhaps a
> bug should be filed against cvs-buildpackage?

/me tries to picture Manoj's reply...


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