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What to do?

I believe that the technical term for what I've done is a 'boo-boo'.
I blame it on raging stupidity on my part.  But how can I fix it?

Here's the situation:

I uploaded gtksamba-0.1.4 -- no problem.
I uploaded gtksamba-0.3.0 -- no problem.
I uploaded gtksamba-3.1 -- PROBLEM!

As you can see, I left out the '0.' on the front of the revision.

I'm sitting here with gtksamba-0.3.2 and I know that if it ever makes
it past the checkpoints in the upload queue, it will never really get
installed because it appears to have a lower version to dpkg (as well
as to any sane human).

I'm sure that this has happened before... I'm not a trailblazer type
of guy.  Any suggestions?


(please flame me -- I deserve it)

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