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Re: is this a bashism?

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> This is irrelevant to you original question, but I really prefer to
> use the POSIX 'command' command in order to determine whether an
> executable exists on the path.  I feel it is problematic to hard-code
> paths into scripts, and any way to avoid that is a good thing.
>         if command -v update-menus >/dev/null 2>&1;
>         then
>             update-menus
>         fi
> I'm CC'ing the debhelper maintainer to see what he thinks, since he says:
>        if [ -x /usr/bin/update-menus ] ; then update-menus ; fi

In fact, I just ran into the 'command' idiom when I was adding doc-base
support to debhelper today. Debhelper now uses it for update-menus as well.

(BTW, it's debhelper@packages, not debhelper@lists.)

see shy jo

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