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Re: my mutt-ja should be non-international ?

On Sat, Jan 02, 1999 at 02:27:20PM +0900,
Ionutz Borcoman <borco@borco-ei.eng.hokudai.ac.jp> wrote:

> The mutt-i no longer exists. No there is only mutt wich is in main. I've
> put similar questions some time ago and this was the conclusion. This
> decision was made as mutt doesn't have it's own pgp algorithm, but uses
> the pgp package. The idea was that if mutt has to be in non-US for this
> reason, then bash should also go there for the same reason :-)
> So I suppose your mutt-ja can also be in main and it should include the
> pgp support.

Good! Thank you.

Kikutani, Makoto  kikutani@sprintmail.com

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