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x/app-defaults, how to handle them correctly?

Hello all,

I am working on the package slab (harddisk-recording)
which is an engine with tcl-frontend. The program is started
by the following wrapper:
# The "startSLab" scripts provide a really basic set of startup routines
# for SLab, setting the requisite environment, and then calling mixslab
# kick the engine into life. This bash version of the csh script was
# by Andre van der Vlies. If you prefer not to have the sometimes
# shmem error messages, pipe the mixslab output into /dev/null.

declare -x SLAB_HOME=/usr/lib/slab

declare -x TCL_LIBRARY=${SLAB_HOME}/tcl.files
declare -x TK_LIBRARY=${SLAB_HOME}/tcl.files


xrdb -merge $SLAB_HOME/.Xdefaults

exec mixslab
Can I leave this like this, or should I move .Xdefaults to 
/usr/lib/X1/app-defaults and modify the wrapper?
Another question: How can I include the functionalitiy of using
user-preferences? Just add the following lines?

if -f [$HOME/.slab] xrdb -merge $HOME/.slab

Thanks for your help.

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