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Re: how do I create orig.tar.gz archive ?

On Fri, Jan 29, 1999 at 10:55:36AM +0900, Ionutz Borcoman wrote:

> Beside these changed names, the vdk-0.5.1.orig.tar.gz is identical with
> the original archive and I get just one warning from lintian (for the
> way I format the Description text).

Peter is correct.  Just a small note: it is VERY important that the
.orig.tar.gz IS the original tar.gz (the name doesn't matter); if it can't
be done[1], then it can't, but if you can use pristine source, please do use
it. This _includes_ preserving the MD5 sum of the original tarball. This
allows users to check that the tarball debian distributes is the same as the


[1] because it unpacks in two directories, because it has things that are
    impossible to preserve after "debian/rules clean", beause for some
    reason or another some file is impossible to patch, because the upstream
    author choose a horrible method for distributing source (srpm's, zip
    archives, ...), because it comes from CVS and an original tarball
    doesn't exist, whatever

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