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Ack! "Broken Libc"

Hi all,

Yesterday I made an upload of xfstt into frozen (not approved yet)

I uploaded for frozen because the change was litterally like 3 lines
of documentation which could easily confuse someone.

ALL I did was fix a couple of mistakes and add a few sentances to the man

Anyway...I decided to play around with lintian (I have never used it before)
and I ran lintian on the xfstt that I uploaded yesterday and it gave a 
couple of errors that I will be fixing for unstable soon but.,..
it said "compiled with broken libc"

This kind of shocked me (the old version which is currently in frozen 
doesn't say this...so I must have changed libc since then). I have to
admit, being a personal system I am not as carefull about what packages
I install and what I don't as I shoul dbe so...

Is this a major worry? SHould i delete the package from incomming and 

Not sure what to do since all it says is "Broken libc" it doesn't say why it
is broken or what version is a known not broken one.

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