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Re: Some new largish packages: please comment

On Thursday 14 January 1999, at 13 h 16, the keyboard of Darren Benham 
<gecko@benham.net> wrote:

> Id say, package it and put it into a seperate directory.. either a "non-cd"
> directory or a directory that could later become a "data set cd" file.  We've
> got other large data sets that could be coming.. the coast line mentioned in a
> different reply... 

I must add another examples: databases in biology, specially DNA or protein sequences can be very huge. It's a long time I wanted to package them (there are programs to exploit them and they are Debian packages) but was refrained by the size:

nefertiti:~ > df -k | grep databases | awk '{sum = sum + $3} END {print sum}'

I believe your suggestion of a new section is the best one. But there are new licensing issues with these data sets, enough to keep debian-legal active for a long time.

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