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jed_0.98.7-13 problems

I posted this to devel yesterday, but I chose a wrong place ?
I'm working on jed-ja(Japanese version).
I looked through jed_0.98.7-13 as a reference and found the

1) ncurses3.4 is used

lintian jed_0.98.7-13.deb
E: jed: depends-on-obsolete-package depends: ncurses3.4

It's strange because jed doesn't require ncurses.
It uses slang. But "ldd jed" shows it's really linked with ncurses.
My jed which is compiled locally doesn't use ncurses.
I couldn't find any curses related string in Makefile and rules.

2) build fails

If ARCH is defined as "linux", Makefile of jed uses "src/linuxobjs"
directory instead of "src/objs".
I suggest using src/$(ARCH)objs/ in rules.


A person sent me a mail.

> jed used to be linked with ncurses to get the termcap interface.
> it's bundled inside slang now.

But still I don't understand.
slang1_1.2.2 doesn't depend on ncurses.

Kikutani, Makoto  kikutani@sprintmail.com

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