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Re: "Blacklists" in BTS (stopping the trolls and bug machines) Re: 7.0-> 7.1: any reasons for switching from {4,5,6}.0.x scheme? 7.0-> 7.1: any reasons for switching from {4,5,6}.0.x scheme? system time has change while installing Re: Survey answers part 1: systemd has too many dependencies, … Re: x32 “half” arrived… now what? kFreeBSD’s future [was: systemd .service file conversion] Re: Survey answers part 1: systemd has too many dependencies, … Re: On upstart implementing Debian Policy §9.11.1 on behalf of sysv init scripts Re: Survey answers part 1: systemd has too many dependencies, … Re: Survey answers part 1: systemd has too many dependencies, … x32 “half” arrived… now what? Re: Survey answers part 1: systemd has too many dependencies, … Re: Survey answers part 1: systemd has too many dependencies, … Re: [clang] Report bugs on packages failing to build with clang Re: [OT] SMTP bad [OT] SMTP bad (was: default MTA) Re: [Popcon-developers] Encrypted popcon submissions [ #4305] communicating with Debian Security Team About Re-Distribution Advancing the conversation about changing the default init system for debian Anonymous svn does not work any more Aw: KickStarter for Debian packages - crowdfunding/donations for development Aw: Re: Candidates for removal from testing (2013-06-04) Aw: Re: Reporting 1.2K crashes Re: bash readline Re: bits from the DPL - May 2013 boot ordering and resolvconf Bug severity and private data disclosure Bug#710584: ITP: mediawiki-mwxml2sql -- Tools to help import MediaWiki XML dumps into database Bug#710698: ITP: libsdl2-image -- Image loading library for SDL2 Bug#710740: ITP: NoVoHT -- A lightweight persistent in memory hash table Bug#710756: ITP: libio-event-perl -- Perl module that ties filehandles for nonblocking IO with object callbacks Bug#710827: ITP: r-cran-downloader -- GNU R package for downloading files over http and https Bug#710829: ITP: r-cran-base64enc -- GNU R package that provides tools for base64 encoding Bug#711034: ITP: pycollada -- Python module for creating, editing and loading COLLADA Bug#711036: ITP: x11iraf -- Graphical tools to work with IRAF Bug#711038: ITP: pyraf -- Python interface for IRAF Bug#711086: ITP: microbiomeutil -- Microbiome Analysis Utilities Bug#711099: ITP: libnet-ssh-perl-perl -- Perl client Interface to SSH Bug#711109: ITP: libjapa-javaparser-java -- Java 1.5 Parser with AST generation and visitor support Bug#711158: ITP: mediawiki2latex -- Compile MediaWiki page via LaTeX to PDF Bug#711212: ITP: libfastutil-java -- Java API providing type-specific maps, sets, lists and queues Bug#711220: ITP: foodcritic -- Lint tool for Chef cookbooks Bug#711233: ITP: fonts-ebgaramond -- EB Garamond OpenType and TrueType fonts Bug#711359: ITP: python-first -- simple function that returns the first true value from an iterable Bug#711388: ITP: scandir -- Better directory iterator that returns all file info the OS provides Bug#711476: ITP: multi2sim -- CPU-GPU Simulator for Heterogeneous Computing Bug#711477: general: Videos are not visible in VMware Workstation Bug#711554: ITP: pyhst -- High Speed Tomographic reconstruction controled from Python Bug#711570: ITP: libsdl2-mixer -- Mixer library for SDL2 Bug#711571: ITP: libsdl2-net -- Network library for SDL2 Bug#711695: RFP: editorconfig-el -- EditorConfig plugin for Emacsen Bug#711763: ITP: igmpproxy -- simple dynamic Multicast Routing Daemon Re: Bug#711811: ITP: foreman -- manage Procfile-based applications Bug#711870: ITP: fonts-sarai -- TrueType fonts for Devanagari script Bug#711927: ITP: dh-rebar -- helper tools for maintaining Erlang package which is using rebar Bug#711993: ITP: python-dotconf -- Python library to parse configuration files Bug#712035: ITP: libvdpau-va-gl -- VDPAU driver with OpenGL/VAAPI backend Bug#712087: ITP: info-beamer -- an interactive multimedia presentation framework Bug#712097: ITP: haskell-cryptohash-cryptoapi -- Crypto-api interfaces for cryptohash Bug#712107: ITP: nutcracker -- Fast, light-weight proxy for memcached and Redis Bug#712158: ITP: r-cran-lhs -- GNU R package "lhs: Latin Hypercube Samples" Bug#712159: ITP: r-cran-rjsonio -- GNU R package "RJSONIO: Serialize R objects to JSON" Bug#712173: ITP: python-pbr -- Python Build Reasonableness Bug#712215: ITP: libjs-gzip -- a pure JavaScript implementation of the GZIP file format Bug#712219: ITP: libjs-forge -- a native implementation of TLS in JavaScript Bug#712220: ITP: libjs-jsxml -- XML/XSLT to DOM parser in JavaScript Bug#712233: ITP: adcli -- Tool for performing actions on an Active Directory domain Bug#712377: ITP: mapcache -- tile caching server Bug#712406: ITP: libpgobject-simple-role-perl -- Moo/Moose mappers for minimalist PGObject framework Bug#712407: ITP: libpgobject-perl -- A toolkit integrating intelligent PostgreSQL dbs into Perl objects Bug#712408: ITP: libpgobject-simple-perl -- Minimalist stored procedure mapper based on LedgerSMB's DBObject. Bug#712442: ITP: fonts-noto -- Noto is a "No Tofu" font family for over 30 scripts Bug#712478: ITP: gnome-shell-extension-icon-hider -- GNOME Shell's status area icons manager Bug#712518: ITP: libcatalyst-action-serialize-data-serializer-perl -- serializing module for Catalyst::Action::REST using Data::Serializer Bug#712539: ITP: encuentro -- Access the content of the Encuentro channel, and others Bug#712571: ITP: opam -- package manager for OCaml Bug#712630: ITP: pyqt5 -- Python bindings for Qt5 Bug#712647: ITP: digitd -- A simple, flexible and safe finger daemon Bug#712679: ITP: mrs -- Complete Information Retrieval System for Biomedical databanks Bug#712753: ITP: libconfig-model-lcdproc-perl -- Edit and validate LcdProc configuration file Bug#712765: ITP: ruby-safe-yaml -- Safe implementation of YAML.load Bug#712786: ITP: python-amqp -- Low-level AMQP client Bug#712821: ITP: libtiger -- Kate rendering library Bug#712827: ITP: boilerpipe -- Boilerplate removal and fulltext extraction from HTML pages Bug#712849: ITP: VSQLite++ -- a welldesigned and portable SQLite3 Wrapper for C++ Bug#712853: ITP: libdevel-autoflush-perl -- Set autoflush from the command line Bug#712854: ITP: libcpan-reporter-perl -- Adds CPAN Testers reporting to Bug#712881: ITP: python-enum34 -- support for enums (backport of Python 3.4's enum package) Bug#712897: ITP: r-cran-tgp -- GNU R package "tgp: Bayesian treed Gaussian process models" Bug#712908: ITP: stencil-clojure -- implementation of the Mustache template system for Clojure Bug#712924: ITP: python3-sympy -- Computer Algebra System (CAS) in Python 3 Bug#712972: ITP: mp4parser -- Generic parser and writer for ISO 14496 based files Bug#713019: ITP: aspectj-maven-plugin -- AspectJ compiler Maven Plugin Bug#713072: ITP: musl -- musl standard C library Bug#713899: ITP: codesearch -- Indexed regular expression-based search Bug#713903: ITP: exposong -- A worship presentation software Bug#713908: ITP: libterm-title-perl -- module for setting the terminal titlebar Bug#713910: ITP: libcpan-reporter-smoker-perl -- turnkey CPAN Testers smoking module Bug#713913: ITP: libscrypt -- scrypt shared library. Bug#713928: ITP: spark-hilite -- SPARK programming language toolset (Ada 2012-style) Bug#713935: general: "graphical issue with Radeon video card (size screen resolution)" after upgrading from Squeeze to Wheezy, my prompt screen resolution is taking my screen parameters (1280x768) instead of 680x480. My video card is ATi RV350AS Radeon 9550. With Squeeeze my screen resolution was fine (640x480).Thank you. Bug#713935: marked as done (general: "graphical issue with Radeon video card (size screen resolution)" after upgrading from Squeeze to Wheezy, my prompt screen resolution is taking my screen parameters (1280x768) instead of 680x480. My video card is ATi RV350AS Radeon 9550. With Squeeeze my screen resolution was fine (640x480).Thank you.) Bug#713937: ITP: libsamsung-ipc -- library to communicate with modems present in Samsung smartphones Bug#713959: ITP: gnome-desktop-testing -- execute GNOME installed tests Bug#713962: ITP: LyZ -- Zotero connector to LyX Bug#713983: ITP: ruby-http-cookie -- Ruby library to handle HTTP cookies Bug#713986: ITP: ask -- Adaptive Sampling Kit for big experimental spaces Bug#714028: ITP: finalterm -- Modern terminal emulator Bug#714058: ITP: cc65 -- Cross compiler and toolchain for 6502-based systems Bug#714062: ITP: libstring-compare-constanttime-perl -- module for protecting string comparison from timing attacks Bug#714076: ITP: core -- intuitive network emulator that interacts with real nets Bug#714110: ITP: python-memprof -- memory profiler for Python Bug#714118: ITP: php-composer -- Dependency Manager for PHP Bug#714120: ITP: libjs-chosen -- select box enhancer for jQuery and Protoype Bug#714134: ITP: python-django-discover-runner -- alternative Django test runner Bug#714173: ITP: php-symfony-process -- Symfony PHP Framework - the Process component executes commands in sub-processes Bug#714176: ITP: php-symfony-console -- Symfony2 PHP Framework - Console component: eases the creation of beautiful and testable command line interfaces Bug#714177: ITP: php-symfony-finder -- Symfony2 PHP Framework - Finder component: finds files and directories via an intuitive fluent interface Bug#714178: ITP: php-jsonlint -- Validating parser of JSON data structures, written in PHP Bug#714179: ITP: php-json-schema -- PHP implementation of JSON schema Bug#714208: ITP: php-symfony-routing -- Symfony framework - Routing component Bug#714212: general: Screen goes to sleep after authentication (Wheezy) Bug#714226: ITP: metamonger -- metamonger - Store, restore, and diff metadata Bug#714227: ITP: jquery-miniColors -- tiny color picker built on jQuery Bug#714248: ITP: python-jsonrpclib -- implementation of the JSON-RPC v2.0 specification Bug#714271: ITP: opari2 -- OpenMP Pragma And Region Instrumentor - translation tool Bug#714342: ITP: pytz -- World timezone definitions, modern and historical Bug#714374: ITP: libextutils-config-perl -- wrapper for perl's configuration Bug#714375: ITP: libextutils-helpers-perl -- various portability utilities for module builders Bug#714378: ITP: libextutils-installpaths-perl -- module to make Build.PL install path logic easy Bug#714382: ITP: libmodule-build-tiny-perl -- tiny replacement for Module::Build Bug#714405: ITP: larch -- A tool to copy messages from one IMAP server to another Bug#714412: ITP: python-pytest-instafail -- py.test plugin to show failures instantly Bug#714449: ITP: droopy -- mini web server to let others upload files to your computer Bug#714451: ITP: golang-pq-dev -- pure Go postgres driver for Go’s database/sql package Bug#714454: ITP: polyphone -- soundfont editor (.sf2 format 2.01 and 2.04) Bug#714457: ITP: golang-godebiancontrol-dev -- Go debian control file parser Bug#714459: ITP: pyhunspell -- Python 2/3 binding for Hunspell Bug#714473: ITP: python-spidermonkey -- JavaScript / Python bridge Bug#714474: ITP: pear-guzzle-channel -- Guzzle PEAR channel Bug#714486: ITP: php-guzzle -- object-oriented PHP HTTP client Bug#714488: ITP: php-symfony-eventdispatcher -- Symfony framework - Event Dispatcher component Bug#714500: ITP: mnemonicode -- converts binary data into a sequence of words Bug#714505: ITP: python-hacking -- Flake8 OpenStack Hacking Guidline Enforcement plugins Bug#714555: ITP: django-macaddress -- MAC address model and form fields for Django apps Bug#714574: ITP: libexperimental-perl -- pragma for making experimental features easy Candidates for removal from testing (2013-06-04) Candidates for removal from testing (2013-06-30) cc65 in non-free Creating a new team Pascal4Debian Re: Current and upcoming toolchain changes for jessie Re: Custom Reload command/signal in upstart Debian naming scheme Fwd: Debian RT Re: Debian systemd survey Debian/Wheezy general rant Was: mount point gets "(deleted)" / unable to unmount DebianBootstrap supported in which Debian suites? Re: Default desktop for jessie Default desktop for jessie Was: Re: Debian/Wheezy general rant ... Re: default MTA DH way to set SONAME DM Upload DM upload permission question docbook-xsl: why only one version ? download of source packages alarmed clamav Encrypted popcon submissions ESA's SOCIS Programme (GSoC analog) and Debian? Feedback on Debian 7.0 Feedback regarding Debian 7.1's handling of services Filtering bugs from apt-listbugs reports (was Re: Bug severity and private data disclosure) Re: Forming a Debian bugsquad team (Was: "Blacklists" in BTS (stopping the trolls and bug machines)) GNOME in Debian Re: GNU config (config.sub/guess) is now GPLv3 with additional permission Hardening Flags for sg3-utils The last update was on 08:09 GMT Sun Dec 24. There are 883 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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