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Hope to use ticket system for maintaining/requesting cdn.debian.net

Hi all,
I am developing and operating cdn.debian.net.

I would like to discuss about using the ticket system for maintaining cdn.debian.net.

I think BTS and/or github are the best way. Could you show your idea?

1) BTS of debian: It is better way of tracking by debian way. 

However, cdn.debian.net is not an official debian service. Is that possible?

2) github: I would like to open repository of codes at github in a few days. 

I love to use git. Unfortunately, it is difficult to use alioth because alioth's interface is not enough to access under strict firewall..(for my environment.)

3) Other ways?

I am afraid that sometime I missed to receive emails which somebody notify trouble and a request for cdn.debian.net.

As you know, cdn.debian.net is a widely distributed system. 
Reporting Volunteer is very important.

Now I have been following plan to add new function to cdn.debian.net as follows,
1. User reporting interface (describe in this mail.)
2. Support CNAME mirror servers. Guide to CNAME for some servers and CDN services.
3. Location accuracy improvement. Now cdn.d.n use MaxMind's country database. I would like to use City database or more accurate GeoIP database.
4. AAAA support.

I hope to attend f2f meeting at debconf2013. 
But unfortunately I cannot attend it.
If teleconf, and other way meetings are open, I would like to join from Japan.

Thanks all.

ARAKI Yasuhiro 

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