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Re: How to bump the SONAME of a library ? [WAS: DH way to set SONAME]

On 10/06/13 01:04, Jerome BENOIT wrote:
> Hello List,
> I am not so sure what I must understand by `bump the SONAME':
> given that libtool machinery is employed, does is mean that
> `current' must be increased by one ?

You really should read [1] if you're maintaining shared libraries in Debian
(it's a bit outdated but most things are still relevant). [2] is also a good
read, specially if you're doing upstream development, patching the library or
bumping the SONAME. The libtool manual (that Ondřej linked) is also relevant
given your upstream is using libtool.


[1] http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/column/libpkg-guide/libpkg-guide.html
[2] http://www.akkadia.org/drepper/dsohowto.pdf

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