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Re: Bug#712539: ITP: encuentro -- Access the content of the Encuentro channel, and others

On Monday, June 17, 2013 12:57:34 AM Maximiliano Curia wrote:
> Package: wnpp
> Severity: wishlist
> Owner: Maximiliano Curia <maxy@debian.org>
> * Package name    : encuentro
>   Version         : 1.0
>   Upstream Author : Facundo Batista <facundo@taniquetil.com.ar>
> * URL             : http://encuentro.taniquetil.com.ar/
> * License         : GPL-3
>   Programming Lang: Python
>   Description     : Access the content of the Encuentro channel, and others
> Encuentro is a small program that allows you to search, download and watch
> videos from the Encuentro argentinian channel. Since the content of the
> channel is completely in Spanish, so is this program.

We already have a few video download programs in the archive. Maybe upstream 
could be convinced to contribute to the upstream of one of the following 
packages instead of writing its own program:
cclive, clive, get-flash-videos, nomnom, youtube-dl, nicovideo-dl, get-iplayer, 


Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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