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Re: Bug severity and private data disclosure

Hi Ian,

Le lundi, 10 juin 2013 16.11:26, Ian Jackson a écrit :
> (I have CC'd cups-client@packages.)

(I'd prefer the discussion to happen on the bug.)

> I'm not sure exactly what consequences you think should have flowed
> from the bug's RC severity.  Do you think the release should have been
> delayed ?  CUPS removed from wheezy ?  Presumably not.  So it should
> have been RC-ignored for wheezy.

Note that this bug doesn't impact wheezy and never has, according to the 
initial bugreport: "CUPS 1.5.x didn't have such a problem." We're talking 
about a bug in a new CUPS upstream release that landed in unstable recently.

> So I agree with the main thrust of the maintainer's comments, that
> this bug severity discussion is a side issue which risks distracting
> us from fixing the bug.

Let me remind how the "us" is currently defined by pointing at the cups RFH: 
#532097, any helping hand would be welcome on the cups front.


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