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[gmane.comp.lib.openal.devel,gmane.comp.lib.openal] OpenAL Soft 1.0.38 released! Another orphaned game - xbattle Another orphaned game: antigrav Another orphaned game: dd2 Another orphaned game: ASC in SVN boswars ready to upload ? (Was: r4503 - packages/trunk/boswars/debian) RE: Bug#456034: fenix: compile with -O1 ClanLib 0.8 dd2 dm-upload-allowed for chocolate-doom Re: DM-upload-allowed header for prboom (was Re: DM-upload-allowed) Ensuring a clean diff Epiphany 0.7.0 package Re: Introduction Let's use ViewVC instead of WebSVN web frontend for Subversion Need some advice/comments on a potential patch for xbattle Fwd: O: 3dchess -- 3D chess for X11 Re: Oldlibs transitions, and some old packages. Re: Orphaned clanlib package Package removal or adoption please review pokerth 0.6 in svn Re: please review pokerth 0.6-1-1 in svn Please upload wormux 0.8beta3-1 Possible Transition from SVN to Git? Possibly interesting games related blogpost qmake, --as-needed and pokerth FTBFS RE: r5042 - packages/trunk/torus-trooper/debian Re: Removing the Homepage pseudo-headers in the descriptions RFC/RFS: conquest 8.3-2 RFS: ceferino 0.97.8 RFS: Mupen64 -- Nintendo 64 emulator and plugins RFS: pokerth 0.6 - Texas hold'em game RFS: Quesoglc Sauerbraten has new upstream RE: Sponsorship Stormbaan Coureur 2.0.0 released ufo:ai packages The last update was on 13:33 GMT Sat May 25. There are 149 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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