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Re: Orphaned clanlib package

Patrick Matthäi wrote:
Maybe I'm not explaining myself. The package *is* maintained and is in the Games Team SVN and is pretty much ready to upload. If you upload it, you immediately break clanbomber and epiphany. (Though I'm trying to build epiphany 0.7.0 right now which does not use clanlib). You still have clanbomber to worry about. Someone is either going to have to fix clanbomber to work with clanlib 0.8 or package up clanbomber2 (And I haven't investigated enough yet to know if it is just a re-write without clanlib or if it is a different game altogether).


Barry deFreese

I'm sorry, but I'm interested to see trophy work :)
It's nice to see, that someone is realy working on this package. But for fucking sake, he has to take the ownership of the WNPP bug and have to rename it to ITP: *...

I'll ITA it if it will make you happy but it still won't get uploaded while it is going to break 2 reverse depends. :-) Hmm, maybe we could stick 0.8 in experimental. Is that a fair compromise until we can fix clanbomber and epiphany?



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