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Re: Package removal or adoption

Vincent Fourmond wrote:

Barry deFreese wrote:
I am looking a several of the games type packages that are orphaned or
unmaintained and I am trying to understand Debian's "policy" with
regards to removal.  Here are two examples:  nettoe and xbattle.

What is the criteria for keeping these packages?  I guess that according
to BTS they are "bug-free" but in the case of say xbattle, they are
un-developed upstream, don't seem to have much of a following (according
to popcon).

  Their popcon scores are 200 and 150, which is in the average for
games. There is no reason to remove them. Please, adopt them, put them
back into shape if necessary (policy upgrades, menu, and so on) on the
team's SVN and I'll be happy to sponsor you ;-).

OK, will do then. Thanks.

Is it preferred that they stay in the archives?  If so,
should I pick them up for the games team or just leave them out there as

  My opinion is that there is no need to remove something from the
archive if unless:
  * removing it removes a RC bug
  * or it has been superseded or deprecated

  Formulated in another way, is there any harm in keeping them ? Both
these packages have a ridiculously small size.

That is the answer I was looking for thank you.



PS: keep up the good work ;-)

Is it good work?? :-)  Thanks...

Barry deFreese

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