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Re: Introduction

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
2007/12/24, Hans de Goede <j.w.r.degoede@hhs.nl>:

I totally agree with you, and I'm very interested in establishing a
collaborative relationship among our Teams, so I really thank you a
lot for this offer. This kind of cooperation among game development
teams among different free software distributions have always been in
my mind, and you're right, there's no sense in reinventing the wheel

Thanks for the warm welcome!

It might make sense to create some distribution-agnostic mailing list,
or a way to share whatever could be useful for all different
distributions, especially regarding to sharing knowledge, information
about freeness of games, patches and so, or maybe just information
about what each of us is doing, who is taking care of what, and where
to get patches and so. I've done some game development stuff together
with people from gentoo, so I wonder if there would be more game
development teams from other distros willing to join a common project
like this. What do you all think about something like this?

Sounds like a good plan, I think Toni from packman (suse addon repo) will be interested in this too.

The question is how to organize this, I've once been thinking about building a website to function as upstream for all games I've been working on without an (alive) upstream and to make updated tarballs with all my fixes available there. That could be part of howto work together, but that will take a significant amount of time, maybe just a place somewhere with per game a dir where all patches can be stored, together with a textfile describing the patches.

Problem with this scenario is there will be conflicting patches / different patches to reach the same goal, so I guess then we need to make per distro subdirs in the gamedirs and let someone who wants to build further on something figure out which patches to use.

Neither scenario sounds ideal to me, the become upstream one sounds like to much work, in the other case I don't like the conflicting patches. I guess it would be best to do both, for certain games we could start being upstream with new tarbal releases, and for the rest we could have a patch repository with all per distro patches collected together.

I think I can arrange for hosting for something like this, at atrpms, which is well connected to the net, and somewhat distro neutral (Axel also hosts the lm_sensors website and other infra for example).

> Greetings, and happy Christmas (or winter solstice, whatever you
> prefer) to everyone :)

Merry Christmas from me too,



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