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Ensuring a clean diff

Hi, this is a piece of advice to help people ensure that they don't
let anything unwanted into their diff.gz, until such time as lintian
starts warning about this:

In ~/.devscripts, I have:
DEBUILD_POST_DPKG_BUILDPACKAGE_HOOK="zcat %p_%v.diff.gz | lsdiff"

And in ~/.svn-buildpackage.conf, I have:

This tells debuild to run lsdiff on my diff.gz at the very end of the
build, so that after every successful build I get to see whether my
diff is still clean.  The two lines in the second file tell
svn-buildpackage to use debuild, so that this hook is still run when
using svn-buildpackage, and to preserve the build directory in between
builds, so that we can still check that the clean target works
properly, and that packages won't FTBFS the second time they are

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