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Stormbaan Coureur 2.0.0 released

I'll try to address this as soon as I can, but I thought I might
mention it in the list, in case someone else is interested :)


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From: Bram Stolk <b.stolk@gmail.com>
Date: 28-dic-2007 23:25
Subject: 2.0.0 release

Hi there,

I released 2.0.0 of stormbaan coureur with major new features:

  * Added hardware accelerated real time shadowing.
  * Added full car mechanics with elaborate suspension.
  * Added camera control via mouse.
  * Added force dependent slip for tyres.
  * Added world 'suspension proving ground'.

Let me know if it works for you.
If you have problems, let me know, and I will put out a 2.0.1 release
to address those issues.

Feel free to set the 2.0.0-generic VERSION string to a distribution
specific one by changing line 1 of the Makefile.
The version string gets send to the leaderboard, so I can track the
use of different versions.


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