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Re: dd2

Vincent Fourmond wrote:
Barry deFreese wrote:
Hi folks (and probably especially Vincent :-) )

  Sorry, I'll take this one again... Seems like this week-end was a
Barry/Vincent list-only. I promise that it's the last mail I wrote
before a while...

In looking to move the source changes for dd2 into quilt, I am getting a
little confused.  I'm not sure why the binary and such are getting
installed as dodgindiamonds2.  I don't seen any other binaries out there
called dd2 so what would the rationale be for this, just clarity?

  I don't really know the rationale behind this. Surely, dodgindiamonds2
is more specific than dd2. If you're sure that there are no possible
clashes (including binaries in /usr/bin/), you can create a dd2 symlink
for /usr/games/dodgindiamonds2. Don't forget to add a symlink for the
manual page and mention in the latter than the binary can also be called
dd2. It's up to you.

Well the package builds dd2 so if I was going to do that, I would symlink dodgindiamond2 to /usr/games/dd2 so I don't need all of the source changes just to make it use dodgindiamonds2. Or is that backwards?


	Vincent, for the last time before a while (I'll go for holidays soon,

Noo, you can't leave, you are one of the few that actually answers my stupid questions. :-( :)


Barry deFreese

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