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Re: Package removal or adoption

Vincent Fourmond wrote:

Barry deFreese wrote:
  Their popcon scores are 200 and 150, which is in the average for
games. There is no reason to remove them. Please, adopt them, put them
back into shape if necessary (policy upgrades, menu, and so on) on the
team's SVN and I'll be happy to sponsor you ;-).

Here's your first chance to prove it.. ;-)

  Fine enough for me, it's on its way. One comment though: please use
Vcs-Svn and Vcs-Browser rather than their XS-* counterpart, as they are
now supported by dpkg. That doesn't need to be changed for the upload,
but please change is as soon as possible in the SVN.



Wow that was fast. Thanks Vincent. Dang it, I swore I removed those XS- prefixes, sorry :-(

Thanks again!

Barry deFreese

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