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Re: Orphaned clanlib package

On Sat, Dec 01, 2007 at 07:30:02PM +0100, Patrick Matthäi wrote:
>>> We're talking about a package, which will be delivered to unstable. It's 
>>> for testing etc.
>>> I think there are more than the package trophy that are waiting for 
>>> clanlib 0.8.
>>> And I think this topic hasn't got any discussion topic, because it's 
>>> currently simply "unmaintained".
>>> I've added my sponsor Michael Koch to CC, because maybe he thinks I could 
>>> maintain this or not and maybe he knows any solution for this orphaned 
>>> package.
>> Maybe I'm not explaining myself.  The package *is* maintained and is in 
>> the Games Team SVN and is pretty much ready to upload.  If you upload it, 
>> you immediately break clanbomber and epiphany. (Though I'm trying to build 
>> epiphany 0.7.0 right now which does not use clanlib).  You still have 
>> clanbomber to worry about.  Someone is either going to have to fix 
>> clanbomber to work with clanlib 0.8 or package up clanbomber2 (And I 
>> haven't investigated enough yet to know if it is just a re-write without 
>> clanlib or if it is a different game altogether).
>> Thanks,
>> Barry deFreese
> I'm sorry, but I'm interested to see trophy work :)
> It's nice to see, that someone is realy working on this package. But for 
> fucking sake, he has to take the ownership of the WNPP bug and have to 
> rename it to ITP: *...

Please cool down and take a deep breath. The world is cool. The package
is maintained. And there are reasons to not imidiately upload a new
upstream version package.



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