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Possible Transition from SVN to Git?

Hi Team,

I have used git-buildpackage and maintain a package that's maintained
at git.debian.org. I've seen the many advantages that git has over
SVN. I want to know the thoughts of anyone here for a possible
transition of the Debian Games SVN repository over to git.

Here are my thoughts. There's git-buildpackage, similar to
svn-buildpackage. I think two things that it does need is a way to
omit the upstream stuff when importing a package (speaking of
git-import-dsc) and a way for git-buildpackage to use the contents of
an orig tarball when the upstream stuff has been omitted (it's current
behavior is that it assumes the upstream stuff is included in the git
repository). I think one of the main advantages would be no longer
having to use svn {add,rm}. Then there's the easy switching between
branches (just git-checkout).

Andres Mejia

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