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Re: DM-upload-allowed header for prboom (was Re: DM-upload-allowed)

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> While we decide what to do, what I'm personally doing is adding the DM
> tag in a per-upload basis, I mean, I'm not personally adding the tag
> in SVN, but before uploading some packages. This has the advantage
> that I won't forget it there when it's not needed, so it's a lower
> security risk in the future, but it has the problem that I might
> forget to add it before an upload. No good solution in any case.

  Sorry I'm picking up right now, but I really think it should be in the
SVN. What if, for instance, I have to make an emergency upload of one of
the packages you're listed as DM uploader ? If the field is not in the
SVN, it's likely that I will forget, and then, it will block you from
doing any further uploads.

  What do you think about that ?


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