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Re: Introduction

Hi, my name is Simon Ruggier, I'm a student, and I've been using
Ubuntu since August 2005.  During 2006 I used Gentoo as well, but
eventually stuck with just Ubuntu.  I have a little bit of experience
with Debian itself, but I've never used it as my main OS.  I feel
pretty comfortable with Debian packaging, but with a strong preference
for using CDBS when possible, because boilerplate debhelper calls
bother me.

Whenever I write software or make contributions to OSS, it's usually
to fix problems in support of myself and people I know.  I usually end
up packaging software instead of installing it manually, and my
motivation for participating in the games team is to be able to
contribute back packaging changes as I make them.  Like Barry
deFreese, I also tend to jump between projects on a whim, so being
able to do an upload of a package ad hoc as part of a team is more
appealing to me than committing to be the sole maintainer of a

On freenode, my nickname is Simon80.

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