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Re: Another orphaned game: antigrav

Barry deFreese wrote:
> Thanks, sorry.  I had already copied these before your earlier
> suggestions.  I will create a patch for the src/ changes.

  Very good question. The fact is that they are part of the debian diff,
that was just what I was pointing. Apparently, debian/rules is copying
them if necessary, so you don't need to create a patch for them.

>  But I thought changing source directly was a no-no in Debian?

  I don't really understand what you mean there. In a classical package,
you can modify whatever you want in the unpacked tarball, dpkg-source
will add appropriate entries in the diff for every file you touched. So,
in this meaning, you don't modify the source, you just change it via the
debian diff.

  However, many DDs believe that it is much more elegant if the debian
diff stays within the debian/ directory, and in this case, you need to
apply patches at build time. This is also much more convenient with
svn-buildpackage. That is this approach I recommend, and if I understood
you right, this is what you're currently doing.

> Am I just being stupid?

  Definitely not ;-)...



Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer
-- pretty boring signature, isn't it ?

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