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Re: Another orphaned game: shisen.app

Vincent Fourmond wrote:
  Huh, I just did notice: why isn't it in the SVN yet ? Same goes for
xbattle. If we work as a team, it should go there as soon as possible
(so others can help you with packaging if necessary). I for one cannot
modify the few things I wanted to...

  Please inject xbattle and shisen.app (and while we're at it, all the
other ones you're working on) to SVN and fix their Vcs-Svn field. You
can try your luck at a watchfile for shisen.app, it is fairly trivial to
write (and you would see there's a new upstream).


Both are in SVN now (along with antigrav, and soon dd2 :-) ).

I have fixed the VCS tag in shisen.app in SVN and added a Homepage field and watch file.

Thanks again Vincent!

Barry deFreese

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