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[gmane.comp.lib.openal.devel,gmane.comp.lib.openal] OpenAL Soft 1.0.38 released!


Does anyone have time and energy to package it? I think this is the way
to go for lenny. I'm not sure if it can replace our openal package
immediately since some extensions like playing ogg files aren't in
place, but it is definitely worth considering!

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The first official release of OpenAL Soft has been tagged and uploaded. You 
can find it here:


I've taken care of all the release-blocking bugs I can find. Although it 
doesn't have all of the backends the Sample Implementation does, it should 
serve as a nice replacement for any system that has ALSA, OSS, or DirectSound 
support. If you need an additional backend supported for your system, you're 
encouraged to download the GIT repo and make a patch for it, which I'll 
gladly look at for inclusion. If you are unable to do so, let me know and 
I'll do what I can to create it for you (although no promises, especially if 
I don't don't have access to the backend myself).

If you are currently using the SI and want to switch, simply uninstall the SI 
and install this in its place. It's a compatible drop-in replacement for any 
app, as long as the app doesn't rely on the SI's quirks or Loki extensions 
(the Linux version of UT 2004 runs great with it).

Thanks for looking!

PS. For those curious about the version number, I construct it as follows: 
abi_version.release.revision. The ABI version is the same as the first number 
that appears on the .so lib (so this won't change unless the OpenAL ABI 
breaks), the release starts at 0 and increments for every official release, 
and the revision is the number of committed patches in the master branch 
(updated whenever there's a (non-)beta release from it).

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Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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