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Re: Another orphaned game: antigrav


Barry deFreese wrote:
> Here is another one.
> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/a/antigrav/antigrav_0.0.2-7.dsc
> This one is in SVN but I didn't inject it either :-(

  You really should do it:

~ svn co svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-games/packages/trunk/antigrav/
A    antigrav/debian
A    antigrav/debian/antigrav.6
A    antigrav/debian/control
A    antigrav/debian/dirs
A    antigrav/debian/compat
A    antigrav/debian/antigravitaattori.desktop
A    antigrav/debian/menu
A    antigrav/debian/changelog
A    antigrav/debian/copyright
A    antigrav/debian/rules
A    antigrav/debian/manpages


lsdiff -z antigrav_0.0.2-7.diff.gz

  You'll notice that config.sub, config.guess and the files is src are
missing. So if someone tries to build from the SVN, we'll have problems
with build, or even worse, unpatched packages making their way to the
archive, reviving bugs closed long ago.

  To avoid this, here is what you should do when you prepare a package
for injection in SVN:

  * first of all, run lsdiff -z on the debian diff, it will tell you if
files are modified outside of the debian/ directory.
  * in any case, you should use svn-inject, as this will deal with files
not in debian/ if necessary;
  * however, the best way to deal with this kind of situation is to
split the parts of the diff not in debian/, import the to your favorite
patch system (I have a preference for dpatch, but I seem to recall you
favor quilt), build a new source package (or even better, a full
package), and use svn-inject on the new diff produced.

  In these conditions, I cannot upload antigrav, as it would cause
problems whenever someone from the team needs to work on it. Please either :
  * import the missing files (the difference between the two command
outputs) into the SVN,
  * or (much better), import them to quilt/dpatch and commit the changes
to SVN.

  I think it's worth that I explain in short how we use
svn-buildpackage, or rather how it works in the configuration we use. In
the team, (unless I really missed something) the policy is to use the
mergeWithUpstream property. This property allows one to store only the
debian-specific part of the package into the SVN repository (including
the files that have been modified from the original tarball).

  In this configuration, when you run svn-buildpackage, it untars the
.org.tar.gz, adds all the files from the SVN repository, replacing some
if necessary, and then runs dpkg-buildpackage inside this. Keep this in
mind: everyone should be able to build the package with just the SVN
repository and the source tarball.

  Apart from that, few comments:
  * it is easy to add a watchfile:
  http://www.luolamies.org/software/antigrav/ antigrav-(.*).tar.gz
  does the trick.
  * use Games/Action rather than Games/Arcade (the latter is not in
  * it's about all I have to say ;-)...



PS: I'll have a look in a moment at the next one
Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer
-- pretty boring signature, isn't it ?

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